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Tim Darnell - ArtistTim Darnell - ArtistTim Darnell - Artist


Tim’s wide range of work is usually mixed media and is characterized by strong contrasts and bright colors. “Through the use of color, I attempt to evoke feeling and emotion in my paintings… I like my work to have the same emotional resonance as the music, impressions and images that inspire me.” The artist’s interests also include drawing, photography, design, illustration, printmaking and sculpture. 

An Ann Arbor, Michigan native, Tim began painting seriously while a graduate student in Wisconsin where he obtained a Master’s degree in Psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh in 1988.

The artist has been involved in commissioned work for a variety of private and public organizations during the last 40 years and, since moving to Orlando in 1988, has exhibited his paintings at a number of galleries and public buildings around the state of Florida, including over 100 solo and group exhibitions. His work has been published internationally, and his paintings can be found in private collections internationally.

Tim received a BA in Art (Studio Emphasis: Painting) at the University of Central Florida in 1996 and is a member of the Florida Artists Registry and the Artists League of Orange County.

John is a painter of delicate shapes, with a unique vision and tone. His depictions of figures and shapes reveal new sides of ordinary objects, and his paintings make a vivid impression. The interplay of light and dark in John’s works is remarkable, and great attention is given to volume and form. You can view John’s paintings in his online gallery - or, better, in his solo exhibition at the City Fine Art Museum.