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Lauren in the Studio (Blue) Photography by Tim DarnellLauren in the Studio (blue)

Lauren In the Studio

While pondering the future of my craft
Its fickled, yet infinitely faceted paths
I chanced upon a photograph
Of Lauren in the Studio

Lauren my dear, do you suppose
That I could capture you in a pose
On film mistakenly twice exposed
Of you in the studio?

In monochrome, quite easily done
Your smile adds color when there is none
You create an element of fun
When you’re in the studio

Your posture, so Michaelangelized
The hands that you held before your eyes
I think this one will win the prize
With you in the studio

I’d love to shoot you just once more
But the medium that you and I both adore
Has taken you to a different shore
Than the shore of the studio

So once again I ponder the path
I’ve chosen, but now I only laugh
When I think about the photograph
Of Lauren in the Studio

D. Vincent Cooley

Lauren in the StudioLauren in the Studio
Photography by Tim Darnell